I am very impressed with your website and the work that you are doing. Addiction is a brain disease, and is best approached by treating all the various aspects including medical, psychological, nutritional, etc. It's been a pleasure working with you. If any of your clients are interested in reading more about me and my book "Healing the Mind and Body," go to www.drpaulcoronamd.com. I treat a lot of patients who struggle with addiction, and I will post a blog soon about the topic of addiction.

by Paul D. Corona, MD

It was amazing to find such helpful and comprehensive information for parents trying to get help for their teens.  This is definitely a must read for all parents dealing with children struggling academically as well as with drug problems.

by The Ric Camarillo, Ph.D. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Newport Beach California.


I wanted to give feedback for the website to be posted. "As an adolescent addiction counselor and family specialist I believe the information in this website could literally save a child's life and prevent a downward spiral that I have watched many children never recover from. Education is the number one tool any parent could ever have for their child and this website reveals what most schools and even specialized education boards do not want everyone to know".

by Andy Kellems CATC CNFS CAMT
The Hope Institute, Costa Mesa, California
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