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Below are some common questions and answers that you may find useful:  Complete answers are included in downloadable Resource Guide

  1. Q.  My child has trouble keeping up in a large classroom.  The teachers tell me my child is too smart to qualify for special programs.  What can I do?

      Ask for a meeting with your child’s counselor or school psychologist.  Explore reasons why your child is falling behind.  Does your child have a disability that may qualify him/her for extra services such as …

  2. Q. We suspect our child is using drugs.  How can we know for sure?

    A.  If you ever suspect that your child is under the influence of drugs and alcohol you always have the option of calling 911 or taking them to the emergency room where they will test for drugs and alcohol levels.  You can obtain a home drug test.  This can be done..

  3. Q. We think our child might have a leaning disability and/or my child might have ADHD.   How can I have my child tested?

    A.  There are several options available to you.  You can approach the school psychologist and request that the school test your child; however, depending on your child’s circumstances the school psychologist might refer you to a mental health professional for an evaluation and/or testing.  You also have the option of having you or child independently tested.  This would involve....... 

  4. Q.  Our child is using drugs and alcohol.  He/she refuses to follow house rules and is defiant.  We have tried taking privileges away and putting our child on restriction.  Nothing seems to work.  What else can we try?

    A.  My family has been in this situation and I know how helpless and frustrating it can make you feel.  Control seems to have shifted from the parents to the child.  You have to be willing to make some tough decisions and possibly get some outside help in order to take control back.  You will most likely need help to get your child on the right tract toward sobriety and to help them deal with any emotional issues that are contributing to their destructive behavior. There are many options……
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