Parents Resource Guide

For Parents Of Children With Disabilities And/Or Substance Abuse

This is a resource guide written by a parent, for other parents who have children struggling in school with a disability.  It also addresses the many facets of having a child involved with drugs or alcohol use.  This guide is designed to give parents the information needed to get help for their children in either of these situations.   If you can answer YES to two or more of the following questions, then the information contained in this guide will  help you get started in locating the proper resources for your child, and in becoming a more effective advocate for your child.

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  • Is your child getting in more trouble in school than you think is reasonable?
  • Are your child’s grades slipping?
  • Have you asked teachers or school officials for extra help for your child and been denied or is your child just not receiving enough help?
  • Do you suspect your child may have a learning disability?
  • Is your child ADHD and struggling in a regular size class?
  • Is your child overly impulsive and seem to have little self-control?
  • Does your child continue to make bad choices regardless of the consequences?
  • Do you suspect your child may be using drugs or alcohol?
  • Does your child seem depressed?
  • Is your child becoming more secretive and secluded?
  • Does your child resist your meeting their friends or talking to other parents?

Learn the following:

  • How to Become an Effective Advocate for Your Child
  • How to Recognize When a Child is Involved in Drugs and/or Alcohol and What Your Next Steps Are
  • Learn What Services to Ask Your School District For and How to Get Them
  • How to Prevent Your Child from Slipping Through the Cracks
  • What Options are Available to Families with Children Involved in Drugs and/or Alcohol So You Can Make Critical Decisions
  • Where to Find Help For Minimal Cost
  • If You Have a Child with a Disability, Learn What Your Federal Rights Are In Your Child's Education
  • How to Find Support Groups For Parents
  • How to Build a Plan to Get Your Child the Help He/She Needs

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